Guidelines for our Collaborators

Blog Guidelines:

What should I write about?
Every month we focus on a theme. Beyond the theme, the hope is that all posts have cross curricular ideas even if the posts themselves are focused on a specific subject area. (If at all possible.) If you have a cross curricular suggestion for someone else’s post that has been submitted for review (Posts for Review Google Doc) please feel free to add in another with your name. Eventually we hope to organize so other subject area teachers can add suggestions for their subject area. Perhaps the post is on Movies vs. Books in an ELA post, the writer should also attempt to include some language on how to adapt for, say, Science class… Now it has cross-curricular application. We understand that some posts won’t always fit all subject areas.

How much commercial advertising is allowed?
All contributors are asked to submit three non-commercial posts for every post that includes a TpT product. The 3:1 ratio will keep our blog from being a shameless promotional product plug; we endeavor to gain authentic followers. This ratio may be adjusted at a future date. Referencing a TpT product in your regular Monday-Thursday post counts as a TpT item post. The Saturday personal posts count toward a non-TpT item post, however participation in the Sunday panel discussions do not. Once you have submitted three non-commercial posts to the blog you can if you choose create a post for our Featured Fridays that is entirely dedicated to a product you sell or if you would rather you can reference a product naturally in a topic related post during the regular schedule.

Are there any other restrictions on post content besides the product ratio?
Please limit blog posts to 300-500 well-written words. Our target audience has limited time to spend on professional development; a succinct, worthwhile post appeals to readers. For our contributors, a word limit requires less of a time investment. It’s a win-win!

What is the deadline for submitting a post?
Deadlines for submitting posts for the Cross Curricular Corner Blog are the 1st and 15th of the every month. If you have scheduled to post the 4th through the 18th of the month, your deadline is the 1st. If you scheduled to post the 19th through the 3rd of the upcoming month, your deadline is the 15th. If your post is not submitted on time, the editor of the week will use another post instead. The blog editors are scheduling each post to be published in advance, so even if you write your post before its intended publish date, the editor of the week may not receive it in time.

Can I reuse a post submitted to Cross Curricular Corner for a personal blog?
If you would like to reuse a post that you submitted to Cross Curricular Corner for your own blog, wait at least 2 weeks from the day the post was published on CCC. Also, only post the first 50 -100 words on your own blog and then place a link (to read more)to our collaborative blog post.

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