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back to school prize pack 1 (2)Happy August first.  Can you believe it??  Many teachers are getting ready to go back to school, and in appreciation of them, two of our TPT colleagues, Lauralee Moss and Julie Faulkner, have put together an amazing bundle of prizes for middle and high school, across various subject areas.  You just need to go to her blog, The Language Arts Classroom and enter to win one of the five bundles.  Many of our contributors here on Cross Curricular Corner have contributed prizes to the giveaway, so you will see some familiar faces.  Good luck!

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Honor Memorial Day while still honoring your content in almost any subject area.   Take any 10 or 12 multiple choice questions and marry with this  Memorial Day FYI Activity template and voila: content-relevant practice with a Memorial Day theme for secondary students that you can sell in your TpT store.   An FYI Activity has students answer multiple choice, content-based questions posted around the room. Instead of A B C, the answer choices are labeled with Memorial Day information.  A 3 paragraph factual write-up on Memorial Day acts as a student answer sheet.  Find three reading levels of the answer sheet in the template.Hopefully students will gain a greater appreciation for our national remembrance of fallen heroes while still practicing rigorous subject content.

AlgebraSimplifiedIconDawn is a secondary Algebra teacher in Maryland with a B.S. in Secondary Mathematics Education and a Masters in Information Science and Learning Technologies.



disengaged bundleThis is a bundle of five of my favorite lessons and activities.  They are all based on engaging topics that connect to students’ lives, like cell phone use, our obsession with social media and the obesity epidemic.  You can hook them and then get them working on important skills like critical thinking, research and writing.  Three of the units focus on expository texts and the other two are short research projects.  I use them with all levels of academic ability.


new logo blogJackie Cutcliffe (Room 213) teaches high school English in Prince Edward Island, Canada. You can follow her at Real Learning in Room 213.



original-830230-1As you are looking ahead to next year, use this curriculum guide to get you off the ground.  This includes Big Ideas/Essential Understandings, Essential Questions, necessary student knowledge (learning objectives), suggested content or activities and unit vocabulary. It also includes a list of common associated Tier 2 vocabulary terms for the course.  For those in New York State, it also includes portions that outline which sections of the Earth Science Reference Table and Lab Practical can be reinforced within that unit, and which NYS standards are aligned.  I use this document as I am planning both the pacing for the year, and each unit. I plan by looking at the necessary student knowledge, vocabulary, and using the essential questions to make the content more relevant to students.

profile pic2Tara is a science teacher from upstate NY. She has taught General Science, Biology, Environmental Science, and Earth Science.


Figurative Language CoverUse these worksheets with any novel or any 6-12 English class. They are very versatile and can be separated to reinforce a specific literary device or encourage students to find examples within the text or texts. Teachers can even give the unit to students to use for a single novel, a thematic novel unit, or to work through for an entire semester with multiple texts and books.


Different Drummer LogoDifferent Drummer teaches English to learning-challenged students from 9th-12th grade. She tries to keep their attention using visually dynamic graphics and topics while including high-level questions that are aligned with the Common Core.


ellenTeens have finally found a book THEY love! In fact they’re devouring The Fault in our Stars in droves! The clever part is that teachers love it too!  No book on the market today is teaching teens what they want to know about empathy,friends, trust, belief, and humor – in quite the same way.  Why ignore the treasure so many are calling brilliant? Teens say it’s the only book they ever finished!  Let’s  catch this thrilling wave to begin a new discourse with our youth and young adults! Let’s showcase their brilliance and willingness to learn from this text!  No surprise. kids already flock to teachers begging them to take  up The Fault in Our Stars  in class.

EllenBrain7 (1)Ellen Weber is a whole brain curriculum specialist at secondary and higher education. She works in secondary and college learning renewal where she has won awards internationally for her practical brain based Mita model to engage both sides of students’ brains.


BundleCoverOCBeachAre you still prepping for assessments?  I know we are still doing it here in Maryland!  Use my popular Paired Passages Bundle to help your students be successful with their reading passages and essay assignments.  Lessons connect to 14 classic texts.



OC_BEACH_TEACHER_revised_finalKim, the OCBeachTeacher,  is a National Board Certified English teacher who is currently teaching American Literature and AP English Literature and Composition.  She shares classroom ideas and tips on her OCBeachTeacher Facebook Page.



The Raven Tweets ThumbThe Raven Tweets is a fun project for use with “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.  Students ‘translate’ the poem into tweets, then examine how it changes the mood of the poem.  Includes Template and reflection questions.  Quick and fun as a stand-alone or as a larger study of the poem.


CDickson Profile PicClair Dickson, high school English teacher, likes free eTexts and Project Based Learning to stretch her meager budget .  Visit her TPT store High School English on a Shoestring Budget to stretch your budget: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Msdickson


Welcome to Cross Curricular Corner, our new adventure in collaborative blogging.  We are a group of diverse secondary teachers from across the US and Canada who have banded together to explore educational topics and to share ideas that have worked for us. We hope to engage our audience with information on best practices, educator discussion and tips, and links to great resources/lessons.  Watch for posts from bloggers in various subject areas, as well as ones that relate to all educators.  Sundays we will offer tips and answer questions, so contact us if you have an idea you’d like to explore.

Thanks for joining us; we look forward to spending time with you in our secondary teachers’ lounge.