Making Review Fun

Play “Heads Up” to engage your students during review time!

Use the blank task cards that I have included at the end of this post.  You will print off multiple copies to play this game (or just use scrap paper!).  On each one, write the name of a character from your texts, or an important theme, symbol, etc.

Students can take turns squaring off: two students will come to the front of the class and one of them will draw from your pile of cards (put them face down so the word is not visible to the student who draws the card).  S/he will hold the card so the other student can see.  That student needs to get his/her partner to guess what is written on the card without using any of the words on the card.  For example, if the card said Atticus Finch, the partner might say, “Jem and Scout’s father”.  (To make it more challenging you could tell them they can’t use any names: in this case, the student might say, “He is the lawyer who stands up for what he believes in”).  Each pair of students has sixty seconds to see how many cards they can go through.

Alternately, put students in pairs, and have them write the names of characters, important themes, symbols, etc. on pieces of paper.  Each pair should come up with ten.  Put them all in a hat/container and pairs will take turn drawing from the hat.  One partner guesses during the first round, and they switch for the second round. Keep track of how many each pair gets right during the minute to see who wins in the end.

exam review


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