Feature Friday: Company Project for Real-World, Collaborative Learning

Company Project Long PinThe Company Project is an engaging activity that combines real-world writing and creativity.  Students work together to develop a fictional company, from the company history to the products to the testimonials.  Like any business, students have to figure out what to sell and how to sell it.  Plus, it includes several different types of real-world writing to use along with it– including business letter, complaint letter, response to a complaint letter, envelope, advertising and more.

I originally designed this project to keep my summer school students engaged, and it was so successful they barely noticed the most beautiful days of summer outside our windows!  And they certainly never asked “When will I use this?”

Includes student instruction sheets, grading, and lots of options to fit your classroom needs and time frame.

Note: The Tri-fold boards work really well for this project.  And, if students don’t take them home, some construction paper refreshes them for reuse.
CDickson Profile PicClair Dickson, high school English teacher, likes free eTexts and Project Based Learning to stretch her meager budget. Visit her store High School English on a Shoestring Budget to stretch your budget.
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