Feature Fridays: Inequalities Hangman

Do you struggle to reach all students when it comes to independent practice of algebra skills? Adding the twist of HANGMAN to math work has enabled me to engage more learners in my classroom. Sure it spices up humdrum math drills, but I really love that I can reach all ability levels with this style of practice. Check out the preview for this Linear Inequalities Hangman.

inequalities hangman thumbnail

Two levels of the same worksheet is just the starting point for differentiation. A variation of messages on worksheets allows students to collaborate yet discourages cheating. Encourage those students who finish well ahead of all the others to create new messages to use on future students. A blank template is provided. Narrow down letter choices for students who just need a little extra help. Finally, for that student who really is much lower than all the rest, pull out that blank template again. Let them choose a message and correctly solve only those 6 letters. Then, let them experience a moment of pride (or sadistic pleasure) as you publish (as quickly as possible) that worksheet for other students to use.

AlgebraSimplifiedIconDawn is a secondary Algebra teacher in Maryland with a B.S. in Secondary Mathematics Education and a Masters in Information Science and Learning Technologies.
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