Feature Friday: Engaging All Readers

Independent reading is an effective way to reach all levels of readers in your classroom.  By providing choice, we are far more likely to motivate struggling and reluctant readers.  However, management and assessment of independent reading can be a challenge.  The following products can help you meet that challenge:

choosing novelsChoosing Novels for Sustained Silent Reading:  How do your students select novels to read? Does your school implement Silent Sustained Reading? This easy activity helps your students choose appropriate novels for independent reading. It uses a strategy called IRA in which students evaluate their book choices by interest, readability, and appropriateness.



independent reading Independent Reading; Goal Setting and Assignments: Independent reading assessments are always tricky: you want students to read something they enjoy, at their reading level and at their own pace. How, then, do you assess them when they are all over the place? How can you give an assignment when some have finished three books, while several are struggling to get through one? How do you reward both the voracious reader and the reader who has proudly and tenaciously finished just one? Most importantly, how do you instill a love of reading and still hold your students accountable? This package offers a solution!  It includes forms that will allow students to set individual goals to increase their reading stamina, as well as ones for teachers to track progress and effort.

Check out Tuesday’s post to read more about engaging all readers.




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