Ellen Weber’s Educator Journey

A little bit about Ellen Weber and her journey as an educator! 

Mike-Nicole-300x168 Grades and subjects currently or most recently taught?

After a lifetime teaching secondary and higher ed. I teach mostly university students currently. I also facilitate secondary and university faculty as well as leaders to use brain based practices for leading and learning in brain-friendly settings.


What started you on the journey to become a teacher/ educator?

I became a teacher to make a difference, and one of my favorite schools was my first – an inner city school. Recently I was speaking at a leadership conference in Seattle and I stayed with a former student from my first year out.

Video-4-0-00-00-12-300x168I encouraged this student and her class to dream big and step in the direction of their dreams. She’s now in charge of accounts at a very successful technology firm.


Anything else that has made your journey special or noteworthy?

I started a debate club with a few inner city teens and when they saw the potential of their insights — the teams grew into a potent group. So I joined forces with another group and watched membership blossom to 40,000. I have a debate product in my store build off cool debate ideas that started with a few inner city teens and later became the Ellen Weber debate Trophy after I moved on.


What special thing do you do for your students?Video-2-0-00-03-02-300x168

My students are facilitated to speak up and feel heard in every aspect of their learning and assessment. They leave my class with brain based tools for developing strengths beyond anything I teach them.

I developed a unique form of teaching, assessing and leading in brain friendly ways (called Mita Brain Renewal approach) which is illustrated at http://www.brainleadersandlearners.com/change/mita-brain-manifesto/ . This model has won awards in several countries — but it makes teaching fun and beneficial for both students and faculty.


The photos are from Ellen’s current course, “Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind” and she explains, “In these photos students are engaging the wider community in their proposed innovations – which is also their final exam for the course. The field has been more than good to me for a lifetime — which is why I am still active and still learn daily from folks like writers and editors of this blog!”


EllenBrain7 (1)Ellen Weber is a whole brain curriculum specialist at secondary and higher education. She works in secondary and college learning renewal where she has won awards internationally for her practical brain based Mita model to engage both sides of students’ brains.
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