Turning Images and Words into Art

I’ve made a recent discovery that I am obsessed with: WordFoto. I found it on Pinterest and then followed the pin to their website, where they say you can “turn your photos and words into stunning works of art.” Even though it was only available as an app, I was intrigued enough to purchase it for $1.99. It reminded me of Wordle, which generates “word clouds,” but I liked WordFoto’s use of images.
However, once I purchased it, I needed to figure out how I could use it with my computer. I’m not particularly tech savvy, but here’s my procedure:
1. I find the image I want to use and compose an email to myself with the image saved as an attachment.
2. I open my email on my Iphone and save the image to my photo library.
3. Once the picture is saved, I go to my WordFoto app and open the image there.
4. I add my word set. The makers of the app recommend that you don’t use long words or sentences, so I’ve kept my words and phrases short (no spaces) and limited them to three – five words.
5. Next, I choose my style, where I can make choices about my font and background. You can choose from the preset styles such as Classic Color, Comic, or Romance, or you can create a custom style.

As I learned to use it I started with a photo of my dog Buster when he was a puppy: buster

Then, of course, I decided to experiment with images for some TpT product covers.  I searched for a symbolic image and found an attractive photo in the public domain.  I entered key words for my product and created my image.  Finally, I emailed the new WordFoto image to myself so I could open it on my PC at home.  Here is one I made for a recent product cover:


ccc1Just to be sure I could use my images commercially, I checked the website and discovered that users “have full responsibility and rights to the images (created) with WordFoto… including commercially.”  The creators of the app have just asked for a link back to their website. Besides using this app for personal photos and TpT products, I hope to use it when I teach Young Writers Camp in the coming weeks. I’ve also used our blog button to create a WordFoto:


This has been a fun and exciting learning process.   I’m sure there are more uses for WordFoto…Do you have any ideas?  Or do you know other apps that might also be useful?  Please share in the comments!

OC_BEACH_TEACHER_revised_finalKim, the OCBeachTeacher, is a National Board Certified English teacher who is currently teaching American Literature and AP English Literature and Composition.  She shares classroom ideas and tips on her OCBeachTeacher Facebook Page.




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