Students and Social Media


Students and social media combined:
It is a new fact of life in education. Adults explain to students why the Internet is forever, teachers define valuable sources, and parents fret over lurking dangers. Yet, 94%* of teens on the Internet use social media. We adults worry – rightfully so – about teens misusing social media.

Technology has given young minds social media. Schools can provide a positive example through social media use, and engage students concerning their futures and educations. Social media is part of students’ lives. Schools can capitalize on this with positive messages for students.

Your school or department may realize this and have a social media page. Is it active though? It may be an afterthought or forgotten from previous employees. The presence may lack because of the time to find appropriate, safe, and engaging ideas.

A new product on TpT, Monthly Social Media and Newsletter Blurbs, solves these common problems and gives schools easy and accessible knowledge to share.

Each month, you can purchase a bundle of “blurbs” for your social media page or newsletter. They “blurbs” are easy to use – simply copy and paste them where you need them!

For example, the August Social Media and Newsletter Blurbs focuses on encouraging students as they return to school, empowering students, reminding them of school procedures and rules, and providing health tips.

The blurbs are not all the same. Some are longer, with appropriate articles linked. Others are simple reminders – a few sentences encouraging organizational habits.


Five images are included and are royalty free, so once you purchase them, use them freely without giving me credit!

These monthly social media blurbs will provide students with meaningful and timely information. They will provide educators with easy copy and paste information for students.

Setting up a social media page on Facebook or Twitter is simple. Maintaining a social media presence is difficult. Businesses employ social media experts, and designate advertising budgets for social media. Schools can compete with a small investment in materials to share on the social media.

Lets harness the power of social media and explore ways to get students using social media in positive ways. Lets provide examples of meaningful social interaction.

Owning daily blurbs for social media, month by month, is a start.
August Social Media and Newsletter Blurbs

*Supporting article for statistic on teenage facebook friends

LanguageArtsClassroomLauralee Moss, a secondary language arts instructor, has taught for over a decade. She has a B.S. in English Education and a M.A. in Teaching and Leadership; visit her blog for more ideas or store for great products.
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