A Giveaway for Test Prep Materials

test prep pack
By Lauralee Moss 

The Language Arts Classroom is hosting a huge giveaway for middle school and high school teachers. The giveaway ends today. Visit it at http://lauraleeteaches.blogspot.com/2014/03/its-no-joke-testprep14-sweepstakes.html

 A current effort on TpT is advertising that TpT can work for secondary teachers, as both buyers and sellers. #TestPrep14 was born out of this idea.

Middle school and high school are different from elementary – and are even different from each other. The people who can best understand these differences, can best create products to help the teacher reach students, and have the best working knowledge of the common core are today’s teachers.

Teachers with passion and expertise have found an outlet on TpT. Teacher never train to be teachers for wealth – they spend 4+ years training to share a passion. Students and teachers can benefit from this when they shop on TpT.

In 2001 when I started teaching, my life was my job – in a good way. I researched. I stayed updated on technology and pedagogy. I created diverse lesson plans. And I graded. Those first years of teaching taught me angles of education no college class could. I was swamped, but I look back at that time period with pride and satisfaction.

This happens with numerous teaching careers – which sometimes results in burnout. I didn’t erupt into flames, but I did fizzle. Teaching part-time now and sharing my creations on TpT works for me now as I raise a young family. Other educators on TpT have similar stories. Some balance a full-time classroom and TpT stores.

No matter the experience, what we TpT sellers all have in common is the desire to share our passion and help other teachers. I think back to my first years teaching and wish I had TpT for help. I could have learned from teachers willing to share ideas and plans for a nominal price. I could have met experienced teachers on the forum. (I could have slept more!)

Collaborating is the heart of education. TpT is a modern way of doing that. As April is here and students prep for an assortment of standardized tests, a group of eighteen teachers hope to bring new teachers to TpT by sharing their test prep information. The giveaway ends today, and hopefully the news of TpT spreads beyond that.

LanguageArtsClassroomLauralee Moss, a secondary language arts instructor, has taught for over a decade. She has a B.S. in English Education and a M.A. in Teaching and Leadership; visit her Teachers Pay Teachers Store for a variety of products.


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