Sunday Panel: Biggest challenge in implementing project based learning

Sunday Panel StickyWhat’s the biggest challenge in implementing project based learning, and what do you do to deal with that problem?

profile pic2Tara, Science in the City: In my mind, there are two challenges in implementing project-based learning. (1) how to ensure that the project leads to the desired objectives. I think this be best be dealt with by a carefully designed, scaffolded project. There has to be a lot of forethought about what responses students may give, and how to lead/direct them. (2) How to differentiate, or to address the facts that students finish at different times. I best address this by adding in chances for some students to excel, and to build in steps that can take differing amounts of time. For example, allowing students to make a poster or presentation of their work, or to go back and add more details, find out an extension question, etc.

Square image1Christina, The Daring English Teacher: The biggest problem I face when implementing project based learning in my classroom is a lack of outside student involvement. Many students will not even read outside of school, let alone work on a project. Also, many of my students do not have access to a computer and the Internet at home. In order to really have the students gain all of the benefits from project based learning, I plan all of the activities to take place within our class time. While this makes things take longer than I would like them to, I am making sure that all of my students have access to the technology needed to make projects.

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