Interdisciplinary Literacy and PBL: The New York Times Learning Network

Do you often hear students moaning that they never learn anything in school that matters? Well, here is a great resource to quiet their complaints! The New York Times Learning Network provides lessons on various real-world topics for language arts, social studies, science, art, and math with connections to New York Times articles, videos, and other resources. Recently, the Learning Network posted a Text to Text Lesson for one of my favorite plays to teach, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry.

Team with a social studies teacher for this lesson in which students read articles and research issues of housing discrimination, race relations, and school segregation in America. Aligned with Common Core Standards, the lesson provides a link to a video with Phylicia Rashad and downloadable graphic organizers, including a double-entry chart for close reading.


In another current lesson, Turn Down the Volume: Researching the Science of Sound and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, students learn about hearing and hearing loss through a variety of projects and activities. Whether they measure and study the physics of sound, coordinate with the school nurse, survey their classmates’ listening habits, or read and debate the use of headphones, there are numerous possibilities to engage them in their learning.

bloglogoKim is a National Board Certified teacher who is currently teaching American Literature and AP English Literature and Composition.  She shares classroom ideas and tips on her OCBeachTeacher Facebook Page.

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