Projects from our Bloggers

Our bloggers have some favorite projects that they would like to share. Click on the icon if you would like to see the full product.

Dawn Roberts_Project Pic (1) Writing Linear Equations: Linear Function Art ProjectCreativity, technology, and algebra combine in this Liner Function Art Project to reinforce student understanding of writing equations for linear functions.  In this synthesis level project students create a unique design out of line segments and then recreate the picture using only algebraic functions with restricted domains.
A project from Dawn at Algebra Simplified.  

Kim_FAVproj1To Kill a Mockingbird Tea Party
With testing mandates there is a lot of pressure, which can make school seem tedious at times, but I still try to have fun!  One of my favorite projects to complete is a character analysis activity and tea party for the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Completed at the end of their reading, this also provides a way to assess my students’ learning.  Additionally, because it involves dramatizing characters and contributing refreshments, students have opportunities to show-off their lesser known talents.  In fact, once I had a boy make homemade scones and Devonshire cream!
Kimberly Patrick, of OCBeach Teacher, enjoying her tea!

EllenBrain7 (1)MI Tasks to Merge Scientific Method and Innovation
Students enjoy inventing products and even creating their own tasks related to course content. This unit presents a basic scientific method + one mystery component that students apply to link content to their worlds beyond class. To start, students survey their unique intelligences and determine their team’s strengths.
From Ellen, at Brain Based Learning

TKAM Inquiry cover  Stand Up & Shout: The Mockingbird Project
This inquiry project is designed to not only teach students about the important themes in the novel, but also to help them apply the lessons they learn to their own lives. Students will reflect on the lessons they learn about tolerance and intolerance through writing prompts that are used after several sections in the novel. They will work together to plan and design a website that reflects their learning and demonstrates their own writing skills. The project also requires that they become heroes for real-life mockingbirds in their community. Finally, they will present their website and project to the class.
From Jackie, at Room 213

Company Project Thumbnail1The Company ProjectThis project combines creativity with real-world writing.  Students come up with a company and several products/ services.  They’ll write a company history and testimonials… but then they write Business letters that they trade with group mates who then respond.  Good practice writing letters and responding.  Includes addressing an envelope, too.  Wrap up with a flyer and/ or commercial.   This project works well with limited resources– they can trade tasks, or alternate using a computer, and I even re-use the tri-fold poster boards students don’t want to take home.
From Ms. Clair Dickson, from High School English on a Shoestring Budget.


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