TPT is having a sale!

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and we want to share the products that we are most excited about!  Most often they are ones that we love to use in our own classrooms.  Have a look at our collaborator’s favorite products:

EllenBrain7 (1)Ellen Weber of  Brain Based Learning Success loves her 100 Whole Brain Graphic Organizers.  She says that these flexible student-ready organizers allow students to link content to their own interests, and assume full leadership in class, as well as master the common core standards. They can be used individually or in teams and can be submitted or kept as cheat sheets for test preparation. They are all designed to store digitally or in a blinder – for continued use. All come listed in a table of contents that shows page numbers for easy access. Created for right and left brain activity, the organizers include my best tools for encouraging all students to speak up and feel heard in my classes.


Both Kim and her students love her Trashketball Games.  She says that with this bundle of power point games, you will engage your students in learning grammar!  Games review the following: Parts of Speech, Sentence Parts, Sentence Structures, Sentence Problems, Prepositional Phrases, Appositive Phrases, Verbal Phrases (infinitives, gerunds, participles), and Commas.  All that you will need is the ability to project a power point presentation, a ball, and a trash can.  After teaching each concept, use these games as guided practice. Follow each with independent practice and watch your students improve their skills. If you teach grammar concepts weekly, this bundle will provide you with eight weeks of fun activities!

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Tara, of Science in the City, is excited about her Weathering Erosion and Deposition Unit Pack.  This is a complete unit package, including an introductory activity, assessments, and hands-on activities.  The activities use commonly available materials, and will allow your students to understand, apply, and demonstrate their knowledge of weathering and erosion.  Watch your students get excited about weathering and erosion, and be able to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom.

Mrs. Brosseau's Binder

Mrs Brosseau’s Binder is full of great ideas, but her favorite is her Physical & chemical Properties Changes PowerPoint.  She loves this 3-day package of notes because it includes everything you need: a PowerPoint file that corresponds to the notes and practice pages throughout.  Great graphics, video links and corny puns make it a fun way to introduce Chemistry!

room213 (1)Jackie’s favorite thing in Room 213 are her inquiry units, especially her To Kill a Mockingbird Inquiry Project.   This inquiry project teaches students about the important themes in the novel, but also to help them apply the lessons they learn to their own lives.  They reflect on what they learn about tolerance and intolerance through writing prompts, and work together to plan and design a website that reflects their learning and demonstrates their  writing skills. The project also requires that they become heroes for real-life mockingbirds in their community. I love the ideas they come up with and they come away with a good feeling, because they have helped someone else.

square logo Mrs E loves her Quadrilaterals Stations Maze Review Activity.  Stations mazes are great because they get students up and moving around the room. They also encourage students to check their work carefully since an incorrect answer will eventually send them back to a problem they have already solved. Successfully completing the maze requires students to slow down and check their work.  This maze requires students to know and apply all of the properties of quadrilaterals.  Also, students need to use coordinate geometry to classify quadrilaterals.  Your students will enjoy review time and you will enjoy seeing them discuss and defend their ideas.

Different Drummer LogoClaire, of Different Drummer Secondary English Resources, would like you to know about her American Gangster Biography Writing Guide. This unit contains an article written to explain the rise and development of the 1920s American gangster, vocabulary activities, a list of 35 famous and little known gangsters from the 1920s, and two writing guides to help students understand how to research and write an interesting, dynamic biography about their chosen gangster. It helps students choose the important information to include and shows them how to organize it into an appropriate written format.

LanguageArtsClassroomIn The Language Arts Classroom, Lauralee loves using her Hunger Games Grammar Unit Worksheets & Graphic Organizers.  This bundle provides over 250 pages of grammar in a variety of ways, while using sentences from the popular book. Students will analyze syntax and diction, while using proofreading, grammar, and editing terms. Activities prompt students to evaluate the novel’s word choice, graphic organizers provide structure, teaching ideas, and alternative activities.

Julia - Teacher JuliaTeacher Julia is proud of her Research Essay Unit, as it has everything a teacher needs to teach how to do research, from collecting information to writing it an essay form, this product has it! All of the teacher materials needed can easily be printed out and used during the lessons. There are conferencing tips, scripted lesson plans, anchor charts, and much more! This unit will last at least a month in the classroom! And the best part is, you can teach about any subject as you teach students how to write a research paper!

Brandon BowyerBrandon, of Mr Bowyer’s Social Studies Classroom loves his Fundamental Principles and Founding Documents 4-Day Unit. This product is based on his master’s thesis unit and includes four days of instruction and a testing day!  Fundamental principles can be very difficult to teach, but with this unit it’s as easy as apple pie!  The unit includes a number of teaching methods, assessments, and methods of content delivery.  When he taught this unit, his students showed measurable growth on his unit objectives.

Square image1Our Daring English Teacher, Christina, is excited about her Ultimate Romeo & Juliet Differentiation Bundle.  That’s because  this item because it is one that she is currently using in her classroom, and it is working. She teaches English to ESL students, and with the help of this differentiated “Romeo and Juliet” bundle, she is seeing a dramatic improvement in their writing and comprehension of the play.

AlgebraSimplifiedIconWould you eat a shawarma or a mangosteen? Falafel or a rambutan? Dawn has found classroom success with her Linear System Global Word Problems. Created to expose students to a little cultural diversity during a systems of linear equations unit, these 6 word problems use authentic names, items, and prices from 5 different countries. She loves to split these up into a problem a day. A few pictures add extra spice, and especially during sale time this item is exceptionally priced.


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